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A Personal Message from Kentiel...

Welcome and thank you for visiting us! We embrace you as we are on a Road To Rebirthing A New 13th Congressional District. The committee to elect Kentiel D. White is working hard to have your voices heard and create action plans. I'm ready to lead the 13th Congressional District into a new direction by implementing a more effective, efficient, and transparent administration. I am YOUR candidate for a new 13th Congressional District.  We have been forced to choose between who deserves rights, what is right and be told what we cannot do right now. I feel it is time to repair that break and make the 13th Congressional District whole again. We are on a journey of change and I am the candidate to make it happen.

Just as I am dedicated and loyal to my family and employer; I'm also dedicated to YOU. We are a strong, empathetic, sympathetic, giving, and conscientious people. Let's connect to resurrect this great state into an age of equal opportunities, equal rights, and living wages. Do you want to know me better? Are you ready to take the journey of change? Check out our events page, participate, walk and talk with me. If you want to host an AskTheCandidate gathering and aid us in our efforts to get my name on the ballot for next year's primary, please call our office or fill in our online contact form.

If you are ready, let's connect.

Thank you,
Kentiel D. White

Candidate For 13th Congressional District
On The Road To Rebirthing A New 13th Congressional District

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