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A Personal Message from Kentiel...

Welcome and thank you for visiting us! We embrace you to join us on the Vision For Change Journey. The committee to elect Kentiel D. White is working hard to have your voices heard and create action plans. I'm ready to lead the 13th Congressional District into a new direction by implementing a more effective, efficient, and transparent administration. I'm YOUR candidate for a new 13th Congressional District.  We have been forced to choose between who deserves rights, what is right and be told what we cannot do right now. I feel it is time to repair that break and make the 13th Congressional District whole again. We are on a journey of change and I'm the candidate to make it happen.

Just as I'm dedicated and loyal to my family and employer; I'm also dedicated to YOU. We are a strong, empathetic, sympathetic, giving, and conscientious people. Let's connect to resurrect this great state into an age of equal opportunities, equal rights, and living wages. Do you want to know me better? Are you ready to take the journey of change? Check out our events page, participate, walk and talk with me. If you want to host an AskTheCandidate gathering and aid us in our efforts to get my name on the ballot for next year's primary, please call our office or fill in our online contact form.

If you are ready, let's connect!!!!

Thank you,
Kentiel D. White
Candidate For 13th Congressional District Of Michigan


Friday, April 6, 2018 5:16 AM

Why Kentiel White signed the Contract for American Renewa

“Why do I keep bringing up the Contract For American Renewal? Because talk is cheap. Campaign promises usually evaporate the day after elections. I’ve eliminated all of the guess work here. My constituents now know exactly what I’ll be doing from day one when I arrive in Washington DC. Of course, my opponent won’t sign the contract, so in terms of what he’ll be doing, your guess is as good a mine." 

“I’ll tell you another good reason I signed the CFAR. Because when I’m elected and the lobbyists will come around to my office and say, ‘Listen, we need some flexibility here, we need you to bend a little. Let’s make a deal.’ Well, I will know exactly what to say to them. Sorry! No deals. I’m under contract. The people who voted me into office have it in writing, a legally-binding agreement. I’m working for them.” “I’m as tired as the voters with all of the games. Remember, I’m a voter too. And way too many times I’ve heard wonderful campaign speeches and believed the campaign promises, only to be disappointed. Well, the Contract For American Renewal which I signed to run for this office, takes all the guesswork out of it. I am under legal contract to perform. People don’t have to wonder whether I’ll stick to the program. I don’t have a choice. Frankly, I like the certainty.”

“The American people have spoken. Huge percentages of voters want what’s in the CFAR. I’m proud to sign it because I work for the voters … not the lobbyists, not Wall Street, not the corporate fat cats. When someone votes for me, they know exactly what they’re getting. Everything is in black-and-white and I’m proud to say I signed on the dotted line.” “Yes, we’re trying something new in my campaign. It’s called transparency and accountability. I have eleven top priority things to get to work on as soon as I get to Washington DC. It’s all right there in black-and-white in the contract I signed. It’s called the Contract For American Renewal and not only says exactly what I will be doing — that’s the transparency — it makes me directly answerable to my constituents. That’s the accountability. I won’t be taking bribes from lobbyists or repaying favors to deep-pocketed donors like my opponent. The voters have it in writing. I am 100% committed to serving them and addressing the urgent challenges facing our nation.”  If I don’t perform, I lose everything. If I don’t fight for the things you’ve sent me to Congress to do, I have to resign. That would hurt more than anything, because I’ve worked so hard to earn your trust. Then it hit me! I have nothing to worry about. If you elect me, it means I have all of you behind me, supporting me as we start to put this country back on track. 

As I join with the scores of other congressmen from across this great nation who’ve signed this contract, the CFAR, I know that I cannot fail. This contract goes both ways. It’s you saying to me, ‘Go to Washington DC and set things straight. Work for the people of this country. The rich have had their turn. Now it’s our turn. We’re behind you 100%!’ Right then, my hand stopped shaking and I signed the contract. Here it is posted on my website, my marching orders from you. Your vote of confidence in me as your new congressman.”

Friday, March 30, 2018 10:51 AM

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